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Let them all be one as I and the father are one

WHAT WE BELIEVE the bible teaches

Our Core Beliefs 

1. SALVATION - through Jesus Christ who provides the supreme sacrifice for sin.
2. Baptism in the Holy Spirit - for empowered Spirit filled living and witness.
3. Divine healing - for the sick provided through christs atoning death and resurrection.
4. The second coming of Christ - when He returns for all who have accepted him.

For a detailled overview of the doctrinal beliefs of Victory Christian Center
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The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me, your steadfast love, Oh Lord, endures forever.

Psalm 138:8

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Our church has four purposes. 1) To Worship God - The Christ life is not a solo act. The Lord designed each of us for fellowship both with Him and one another.
2) For Evangelism - God can take a troubles life and truly transform something new and beautiful.
3) To Disciple Believers - helping them grow in their faith. Each new Christian needs love and spiritual nurturing to mature into a lifelong follower of Christ.
4) To Have Compassion - helping those facing the challenge of life that surround us each day.

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